I am going to take a risk here. The risk you might be saying: “How can she help me lose weight if she doesn’t have it all figure it out?”.

Or you might be saying quite the opposite: “She knows what I’m going through so she can help me better!”

Either way, this is my story. This are my struggles. This is the solution.




Why is losing weight so hard? No control over food. Only God can help!



As you probably read in one of my previous posts, I didn’t follow the THM plan for the whole month of December. I knew I wouldn’t follow the plan for the first week (we were traveling) and probably for the holidays. But I thought I would follow it for at least half of the month.

The reality is that it’s been very hard to get back on plan, mainly because of two things:

  1. I didn’t want to plan my meals or do batch cooking (I need my bread and desserts).
  2. Once I started eating sugar it was very hard to quit. I wanted it more an more and … I had it (Even now while writing this I am eating something sweet, but I am choosing a healthier version – praise God –  and eating some Lilly’s dark chocolate chips that are sweetened with stevia). Sugar is so addicting!!!

Having the blog keeps me accountable, even though I don’t like to acknowledge my failures (who does?!?). Especially after I told you all how great THM is.

And I wasn’t lying.

I still thing THM is the best way to lose weight and to keep it off forever. It is the healthiest way, it is not a diet, it doesn’t make you count calories or restrict you from eating any food group (like meat or carbs or fats).

It is truly the way to go. You can read many testimonies online or in the new book about people that kept their weight off for many years and the much better health they now have.

I also love the way you lose the weight – gradually. You might even not lose any weight the first month or maybe even few months. Or you might be one of the ones that lose weight very slow in general – the book talks about you as the “turtle losers”. Or you might lose a lot and then stall. The book has all the details for many situations so I encourage you to read it.

If you want quick and fast, this is not the way to go. Do remember though that after achieving your quick and fast weight loss and go back to your regular way of eating, you will probably put back more weight than you had at the beginning. Or you will be unhappy with all the restrictions!


But no matter how much I believe in this plan, it is still very hard for me to get back into it.

I keep delaying it:

Oh…I’ll start on Monday.

Oh…I didn’t get any measurements.

Oh…I didn’t make any bread. (the fuel pull one = FP)

Oh…I have no healthy sweets available. (I bought the stevia sweetened chocolate two days ago)

Oh….there are still some cookies/chocolate left from the holidays.

Oh… and it goes on.


I am aware I didn’t do the MAIN thing I was supposed to be doing before starting again: giving it to God and praying daily for it. I KNOW how important prayer is and I am not scared of telling everyone about it. But somehow it was very hard to actually pray and letting go. For sure, my flesh desires took over what my mind knew I was supposed to do (the Holy Spirit’s conviction).

But this is our battle all day long and in all situations. We just need to remember we have the victory because Christ has the victory.


Here is another important thing – you might disagree with it or think that I am too strict/tough.

I believe that there should be no overweight Christians! 

People in general of course, but mostly Christians! And here are my thoughts about it. It is pretty simple actually.

1. We are to put God first in our lives.

2. When we:

  • want to eat everything we see OR
  • can’t control our eating OR
  • can’t stop eating until we explode OR
  • feel like we need to have “that” food OR
  • just want to have “it”, we are putting food first in our lives before God. Food becomes our IDOL.

Plus our bodies are God’s temple. How do we care for it?


You probably heard the saying:  “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. I feel many of us, the overweight people, just live to eat. I know I do! I can’t wait to go have some sushi and have it until I can’t move anymore. I can’t wait to have some chocolate and ice-cream. I can’t wait to get a yummy burger with fries. And it goes on.

I really, really, REALLY like food. And it normally isn’t a bad thing as long as I don’t let it control my life. But it does. That’s why I was addicted to ice-cream and got into some depression and had to move cross-country. (well, it’s one of the reasons 😉. And moving cross-country was the best decision we made and I know it was God’s plan and I am super grateful for all it happened and how it happened).


Not all people struggle with food. But for those that do….I understand you. I know what you’re feeling.

That binge eating. That emotional eating. That eating because you feel fat and all you want to do is eat more and more. That eating just because you want to and better no one tell you not to eat because you will eat more – just to show them. All these and more.

It’s painful. It hurts. And it hurts when others don’t understand what you’re going through. They just see you fat! They can’t see why you just can’t stop eating! And I am not even going to touch the exercise part!

We are all so different. We all have different struggles. But we all have one Savior that can help us go through everything.


So here I am.

Starting over again.

Giving it all to God.

Starting praying again specifically for this.


It is 1 am right now. I couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t sure which direction to go with my blog and what to share and what not to share. I am not worrying, but I wanted to get this out while is so fresh in my mind. I will start a liquid fast tomorrow to get clear direction of where I am going, so please pray for me. I know it will be hard, but it is necessary.

I know I want to help others that go through the same struggles.

And I know the solution – the way to help them..

And I am SO thankful for all that I went through and what I am going through because I can understand. Been there done that! Right?


I got stuck into all the teachings of how a blog is supposed to be and others telling me what and how I should write and I forgot about God and why He led me on this path.

I learned a lot, I am grateful for it and I will continue to learn. I strongly believe in continuous learning to better ourselves. But at this moment I need to do what I need to do and God will take care of the rest. You who read this, praise the Lord because He brought you here. I don’t know why and you might not either, but trust in Him.

If it is His will for this blog to get bigger, than it will. I have full confidence in that. If it is for only one person to be helped through this, than it will be just that. And how great that will be – helping one person, making a difference in someone’s life – my pain had not been in vain. Praise the Lord!


SO…let’s do this! Let’s get our health back! I will help you. I know what I need to do and I am here for you! I will struggle again at times, but it is all part of life and part of learning. I wouldn’t have it other way!

I am not perfect, I am not in shape, I don’t have it all together. And I dont like to exercise. 😉  But in Christ, I am getting where I need to be and in the right time. 


I will pray for you.

I pray that God will reveal Himself in your life.

I pray that you will see His light and that you will choose to get out of the darkness.

I pray that you have faith in Jesus and His strength.

I pray that you live out your faith.

I pray that you live your life as the child of God that you are: extremely loved and victorious, courageous, full of peace and joy.

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but one of love, power and self-control”2 Timothy 1:7. 

I pray for changed hearts.

And I pray all these in Jesus’ name.



May you be blessed beyond you can imagine!

With love, Gabriela

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