New year’s goals and plans, resolutions for a great year


I am a bit late with this post. I know many people have already set up their goals and many bloggers posted theirs for the new year.

I am actually happy that I didn’t get to post my goals until now. I had some of them and I even wrote them down – not something that I normally do. OH…..and even more shocking…I wrote smaller steps to some of them (you probably know that you should divide your goals into smaller goals and then into tasks that you can accomplish way easier).

I know all about goals – even about SMART goals –  but I’ve never followed through with the few that I set.

A friend of mine gave me a few pages from the Passion Planner (if you subscribe to them they will give you a PDF with the pages for free). I gave it a try. I was excited I actually filled up those two pages she gave me.

Then, I went to church on Sunday – nothing out of normal –  and my whole list of goals went down the drain. As pastor Jim was speaking (you can check out his sermon here – it was really good) I got my goal for the year. By the end of the sermon, it became very clear what my goal should be. Yes – one goal only!


Read the Bible every day = be in His Word daily.


It doesn’t matter for how long, but I have to do it D.A.I.L.Y.  I am shooting for at least 20 minutes. And then I want some time to reflect and pray. But…I won’t stress over not reaching my ideal time. The key here is CONSISTENCY.


This goal is perfect for me and for this moment in my life. Here are some reasons:


I need His Word

I have been reading the Bible on and off in the last 10 years. When I don’t read it, I can see a change in my thinking, in my words and in my actions. The more days I go without being in the Word, the worse it gets and the more people start to notice my change.

The super long periods of time I went without reading the Bible or without fellowship with other believers (through church or the regular Bible studies I do) usually led me to depression. Of course, the lack of Bible reading wasn’t the only reason, but I truly, truly believe it was the most important one. Our minds feed from whatever we put inside our brain. When we start letting bad thoughts inside, they keep increasing and increasing and increasing.

So when I say that I need His Word it is no exaggeration. It can totally make me or brake me.


I want to make it a habit

Something that I will do because it is a normal part of my day – like washing my face when I wake up. If it is a habit then I’ll do it mindlessly and easily. I like the definition I found online at –  a habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”.

I want Bible reading to be something super hard to give up. So hard that I never want to give it up. I want my day to not feel complete unless I read the Bible. I want to feel restless when I do not read the Bible.


I want to enjoy it

Staying in God’s Word daily and making it a habit will actually lead to not considering Bible reading a burden. I know for sure that the more I will read, the more I will want to read. This goes with other books too, not just the Bible and I experienced that. I had times when I read a book in just a few days or even one day (some are just super easy to read; and no – it wasn’t an ebook 🙂 ). They just get to you. You just start to enjoy reading them.


I want to know God

The more I read the Bible, the more I will know God. I will learn about His character and why things happened the way they did and even why things happen the way they do right now. I am getting more familiar with the best love story ever told. Getting to know God compares to nothing in this world. Nothing.

Obviously I won’t know everything, but I will know everything I need to know for my life. That is more than enough.


New year’s goals and plans, resolutions for a great year


So what happened to the other goals that I wrote for this year?

I still have them. Now I call them plans or desires.

And here is the thing – the very important one:

(Come on…grab a pen and a notebook or open the notes in your phone. I’m waiting…….)


If I focus on this goal only, all my other desires and plans will still happen.

And now…. they will happen according to God’s will for my life and not my will.


Some of my plans will fail and some desires within me will die. That is just fine.

I want to do His will.

I want to give Him glory in all I do and all I say.

I want to do things confidently that they are the right things for me to do.

I don’t want later to feel bad about something I said or did.

If I am consistently in God’s Word I will be able to hear Him better and I won’t have any regrets even when bad things happen (and they will at one point).


When you focus on God and put Him first in your life, the rest just fall into its right place.


New year’s goals and plans, resolutions for a great year


Important note for those of you that DO NOT like to read or CAN’T or WON’T read the Bible daily

I had this discussion with my husband because he is one of you. I see where you are coming from but is honestly hard for me to truly understand why you wouldn’t want to do a daily Bible reading if able. I am not judging you here. I know we are all so different and I accept and respect each of you and your situations.

In the end, we all do what we know is best for us. And we should all pray for God to give us the wisdom to know it.

Just start small. As long as you are being fed you should be on the right track and will still feel a change. You will grow at your own pace.

What matters most is our hearts and only God can see them. Other people don’t have this ability. My prayer for all is to always remember to give Him our hearts and our desires. He will take care of the rest.


This is the end of my goal description for the new year! What goals do you have? Do you have any recurring goals? Do you usually reach your goals? Let me know in the comments below!


I made a cute and simple printable for you. And for me – I already started using mine… 🙂


2018 Bible Reading Tracker; read your Bible daily; make it a habit; stay daily in His Word



Blessings, peace and joy to you my friend!

In Christ always, Gabriela


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