First post of the year….! Yeeyyy!!! 2018 here I come! 🙂

Thank you Lord for giving us another year of life! May this be our best year yet – one in which we draw closer to You and learn more about You and Your will for our lives. May we bring You glory in all we do and all we say! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!



New blog changes for 2018 adn some updates for Trim Healthy Mama eating plan; weight loss with THM



You all know I am a super new blogger. You can tell from my posts and probably from my writing style. I have many different ideas of what I want to do around here and I already made a few changes. With that being said, the mission of my blog is set and will not change – I want to encourage you, give you hope and show you that you are not alone in your situation or struggle.


Let’s get straight to the updates. I’m trying to keep this short.


1. I changed the category named “Trim Healthy Mama” (THM) into “Weight Loss”


Two reasons for this decision:

  • not many of you actually know what is THM
  • my goal with this category is to encourage you in your weight loss journey – not confuse you or make it harder, but make it EASIER


While I really love THM and I plan to follow it for a long time, I don’t want to push anything on you.

I also received some feedback that it all seems too hard – too confusing and too much to read! Unfortunately the good things in life  and the new ones are usually hard. But I will try a different approach.


I am here to make it easier for everyone to learn how to lose some weight. We’ll just go step by step into this wonderful journey of regaining our health and taking care of God’s temple the way we are supposed to. Obviously I don’t have it all figure it out (if I did, I would probably be…hmmmm….perfect 😉), but we are learning together and getting better together. Are you in?


THM book is long and not many of you have time or desire to read it. I get it because Hubby is like that. But I love reading – so I will use this strength of mine to help you. I still encourage you to get the plan book since it is full of great information and it is nice to have it around when questions arise or you are in doubt about something.


The recipe books – I have them both and really like them, but they are not necessary. Right now there are sooo many bloggers writing about THM, that you can get a lot of recipes online. I have to say though – the majority of the recipes from the book you won’t be able to find anywhere. And there are some good ones. Also, when you check online for menu plans, many of them will refer to a page number from the book. In this case having the book comes in handy.


I have all the THM books and I buy many of the THM products because I want to support the sisters that wrote the book and I believe they are better quality. I don’t always buy them, nor do I buy all of the products – just when I can. Their plan changed my life so much that this is the least I can do to thank them. I am also pretty old school and I like to have a hard copy in my hands when reading and I prefer a book over a huge folder of printed recipes. But that’s just me. 😊



2. THM update

I did not follow the plan the whole month of December. I knew I would get off for a little bit, but I wasn’t expecting it to be for the WHOLE month.


But I am grateful this happened because I learned something important.

I realized God has changed my heart and I am not so hard on myself as I used to be.

I give myself grace.

I know what I need to do to start again.

I know I am not defined by how many pounds I have.

I know that in order to lose weight in a healthy way I have to take it slow.

I know losing weight is a battle that I can win (with God’s help).


I put back over 5 lbs in this whole month – yes….a lot of sweets and meat and carbs and fat in the Romanian traditional foods we cooked (especially for the holidays). Plus, we traveled for a whole week in December and I knew before hand I would not follow the plan. It would’ve been possible, but I really didn’t want to stay on it because there were a few restaurants I wanted to try and traveling with kids is already a bit harder. And I am fine with this decision I took.


At the moment I am planning my new year’s battle plan – ideas of where I want to go in my weight loss journey, menu plans, etc. When I started THM in October I had a goal weight I wanted to reach by December (which I did – whoop whoop) and that was super helpful. So I am going to do that again. I won’t choose a monthly goal – it seems too little time for me. I’ll go for 10 lbs in 3 months. I think that is very doable. And you are all here to keep my accountable.



3. New category “FANCY WORDS”

First of all, while reading the Bible I encountered many words that I was not familiar with. And I blame this on English being my second language.

Second, I realized there are many common words that I use that I have no idea of what their definition is. I know how to correctly use them in sentences, but if you asked me to give you an exact definition, it will probably be a little hard.


So… comes my “Fancy Words” or phrases list – related to the Bible and the Christian life.


I will chose 52 of them – one word or phrase per week. I already have quite a few of them, but I am open to suggestions. What words are unfamiliar to you or you would like to know more about?


As of now, I am not planning on these posts being too lengthy. A short definition and some Bible verses of where these terms can be found. In the future I may take a few of these words and do a full length post about it.


I think this is it! What do you think?!? I thought this post will be shorter, but hey….it is what it is. Thank you for getting all the way to the end of it.


Blessings, peace and joy to you my friend! And a very Happy New Year!!!!

In Christ always, Gabriela


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2 comments on “Blog Changes and THM Update”

  1. Hi again! I don’t know anything about THM, but I also gained 5 lbs over Christmas, and am looking forward to dropping them (+5 more, Lord willing) in the coming year. My goal for this year is to greatly reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. Also, I LOVE your fancy words idea. AND, thank you again for reaching out to me. I am praying for you! God is good! 🙂

    • Cutting out the sugar is one of the main ideas in THM. And from my experience it helps a lot – my belly went down quite a bit when I didn’t have it in my diet. And now, when I added the sugar back on, it seems it went straight to my belly. If you are interested, I can send you a recipe – a mix of sweeteners that can take the place of sugar, without the aftertaste.

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